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Growing Hearts Academy

Providing faith-based care and learning options to create the most caring and safe environment for your child.


Our boys have learned so much and continue in growth every single week. A million times “THANKS!”

-Randall & Marlene R.

"I believe this is a great center for your children to learn and grow. We have a great group of educators here at Growing Hearts Academy."

-Kennedy Kroger

More Than Just Daycare

We recognize that all are made in the image of God and that every human has value.


Children learn by playing and working individually and in groups. We focus on providing quality care and education to all of our children.   Our staff plans for each child to “have fun” every day while learning and developing basic skills.

Children are the only reason for our existence, and he or she is special within their room, within the center, and the community.  Every child will feel safe, secure, and loved at Growing Hearts Academy.  Being guided by God’s Holy Spirit we build meaningful relationships with our children and their parents.


To provide first quality child care services with a developmental curriculum, so that children will grow and develop while having fun, so that parents my spend each day worry-free, and providers and staff may take pride in a job well done.


We take the responsibility of caring for your child very seriously and are dedicated to providing the best quality care available!   We understand that being a working parent can be challenging at times.  That is why we have made Growing Hearts “The next best place to your home!” We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment where your child can learn and grow in all aspects of their development.   We offer standard AND faith-based curriculum at every age level to meet your child’s growing needs – from infants communicating with sign language to preschoolers learning to write words.  We even have children’s chapel once a week for singing, dancing, and learning Biblical truths at their very own age level!   Our promise from the very beginning is to be of service to you.  Whether you have a prayer request or are in need of a special accommodation for your child, it is our desire to be a resource and support for your entire family.



We strive to teach children about Jesus by engagement and example.


We believe that the best way to positively grow the children we care for is to collaborate together with their parents.


We recognize that love is the most important thing that we can give our children to aid them in their development.


We believe that children at any age are able to learn and we attempt to meet our children where they are in terms of how we teach.


Our teachers are encouraged to be creative with their classroom curriculums which are tailored to fit each age group.


Located in the Fremont Church of the Nazarene

960 N Johnson Rd

Fremont, NE 68025


(402) 753-0168